May / June 2021

Masterclass Series

How to Evaluate the Impact of Science Communication

A crash course in developing an evaluation plan

The dutch association of science communicators SciCom NL gave us the opportunity to co-develop a workshop series that introduces practitioners to evaluation in theory and in practice. Over three three-hour sessions, participants got first insights into the following topics:

  • how to differentiate and conceptualize the goals for their science communication project
  • how to break them down into measurable indicators
  • what questions to ask and decisions to make in order to develop a coherent evaluation plan
  • how to differentiate target groups, forms of data and methods for data collection
  • how to find the right method depending on the data of interest, target group and project-related preconditions

The masterclass series ended with a presentation session where participants pitched evaluation plans for their project and discussed their challenges as well as exchanged ideas for improvement. 


The workshop was developed and held in partnership with:

  • Dr. Anne Land-Zandstra, Assistant Professor for Science Communication at the University of Leiden 
  • Dr. Ward Peeters, Post-Doc for Science Communication at the University of Leiden 
  • Dr. Madelijn Strick, Associate Professor of Social, Health and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University