26. April 2022

Future of Science Communication Conference 2022

Insights into the contributions of the Impact Unit

FSCC is a conference, which brings together researchers and practitioners of science communication took place for the second time this year. The Impact Unit again had the opportunity to contribute its expertise. Building on the interim results of the first FSCC, the second edition of the conference aimed at developing impulses and solutions for a strategic and institutional (re-)orientation of science communication in Europe. The focus was on impact, dealing with fake news, disinformation, and communicating global challenges as well as the institutional structures of science communication in Europe.

The Impact Unit organised the workshop “Evidence-based Practice, Impact and Evaluation of SciComm”. The workshop analysed challenges to the quality of Science Communication from the perspective of the European science communication community, while also considering policymakers, and other relevant European stakeholders. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the workshop participants identified many  similar challenges. During the second part of the workshop, they gathered ideas on how to work towards good science communication in the future.

The most highly-rated recommendations for the future were:

  • Jointly working towards embedding science communication in the culture of science, e.g. by funding or assessment
  • Creating an EU hub or network for science communication
  • Training and support for science communicators
  • Broadening the scope of science communication research e.g. by looking at goals and motives

The workshop proved very insightful and provided many opportunities for productive discussions with the participants. The Impact Unit will greatly benefit from the ideas and perspectives developed in the workshop.